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Side Project OS / Notion Template

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The ultimate operating system to help you bring your side projects to life.

A space to finally act on those ideas that are filling your notebooks!

What is the Side Project OS?

Are you a creative individual brimming with innovative ideas but struggle to bring them to life? Do you find yourself facing roadblocks when trying to turn your side projects into successful ventures? Look no further! Side Project OS is here to revolutionise the way you approach and execute your passion projects.

Side Project OS allows you to bring everything to do with your side project into one space. Designed to empower entrepreneurs, creators, and dreamers like you to transform their ideas into tangible, successful side projects. This includes task management, product roadmap, deal pipelines, financials, monthly reviews, branding assets, operations and more!

What's included in the OS?

Side Project OS is broke down into 5 pillars that cover all aspects of operating a side project.

👉🏼 Operations Pillar:

✔️ Project and task management (using a sprint system)

✔️ Documentation pages for your tech stack, key documents and templates to map your processes and onboarding forms

✔️ Track your financials including total profits over the months

✔️ Generate automatic monthly reports with prompts to engage reflections and goal setting

👉🏼 Marketing and Sales Pillar:

✔️ CRM to track key person

✔️ Deal pipeline to track and monitor deals along each stage

✔️ Marketing persona templates so you can effectively target your audience

✔️ Pitch deck so you can communicate the value of your project

👉🏼 Product Pillar:

✔️ Product roadmap so you can define future features and

✔️ MVP page so you can outline your products first iterations

✔️ Product feedback template so you can keep track of product improvement notes

✔️ Product launch template so you can define the best launch day plan

👉🏼 Strategy Pillar:

✔️ Lean canvas template to clearly set out the purpose of your project

✔️ Frameworks with built in templates including BCG growth matrix, SWOT analysis, Porter's 5 forces, Service Design Blueprint, 3Cs framework and more

✔️ Business plan template so you can clear set the path forward

👉🏼 Branding Pillar:

✔️ Branding assets to define your fonts, colours, style and more

✔️ Mood board to ideate product and project paths through images

Who is this template for?

It is:

  • For Indie Hackers, makers and entrepreneurs looking to build and ship side projects.
  • An operating system to structure, store and organise your ideas, frameworks, tasks, conversations and resources in one place.
  • A place to jot ideas and categories your projects in a structured manner
  • A place to stop planning and start doing.

It is not:

  • A guide on how to market, launch, sell or grow your project
  • Expect frameworks and an operating system to enable you to bring your side project to life. Not a guide or step by step details on how to find success in your project. That's where you come in! You're the unique value add. This OS is just to make sure the cogs keep turning.

What users are saying:

Really helpful for daily Notion using like me. Congrats on the launch!! -- alex

Perfect product for Side hustlers!! Great one Hugh!! Congratulations🚀🚀 -- Karthik

Absolutely in love with all the different modules, will be very helpful for managing everything that comes with starting a side project. Congrats ✨ -- jade

Congrats on the launch! The template looks super helpful. So excited to try this for my small business :) -- sofia

Much needed product!! Creator economy is all about creating new products each day and trying ideas that might generate a strong revenue stream for them!! -- deepak

a super useful setup for coming up with and maintaining a side project, great job! -- Michal


Does this work with a free Notion account?

Sure does! Just hit duplicate and you're good to go!

Are free updates included?

Yes - all updates are free and included! There is a Changelog page included in the template that will document any updates. I'll be sure to let you know of any updates too.

How will I know how to use the template?

There are guides throughout the template with video walkthroughs on how to get the most value out of the system.

Hey! Let's connect.

I'm a Notion ambassador and obsessed with optimising Notion spaces!

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Want to get in touch or have any feedback? Please send me a message on Twitter.

Happy to answer any questions you have!


Hugh ✌🏽

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Side Project OS with 30 modules.

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Side Project OS / Notion Template

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