Student Dashboard / Notion Template

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Student Dashboard / Notion Template

17 ratings

The all-in-one space to manage your courses, lectures, readings, assessments and tasks.

Remove disorganised digital systems and stress from your life by bringing clarity to your studies through an ordered and intentional digital structure.

The student dashboard includes:

✔️ Overview page to track all your courses by semester

✔️ Structured template for each course that automatically populates with tagged lectures, readings, assessments and tasks

✔️ Overview page to track all your lectures by calendar view

✔️ Auto-generated template for each lecture that includes a zone to store your lecture notes and active recall questions

✔️ Tag your knowledge rating for each lecture and spaced repetition formulas will tell you when you should review it next

✔️ Dedicated space repetition page so you can focus on the lectures that need attention

✔️ Automatically generated calendar for all assessments

✔️ Assessment due date reminders upcoming, overdue or submitted assessments so you always stay on top of the game

✔️  Dedicated task page categorised by course

✔️  Structured task views to show tasks by due today, tomorrow, yesterday, overdue, all upcoming, no due date and all tasks

✔️ Guide on how to setup the dashboard

This template was built in public!

Check out this Twitter Thread to see how it all came together.


Does this work with a free Notion account?

  • Sure does! Just hit duplicate and you're good to go!

Are free updates included?

  • Yes - all updates are free and included! There is a Changelog page included in the template that will document any updates. I'll be sure to let you know of any updates too.

How will I know how to use the template?

  • There is a setup page included and videos guides throughout the dashboard to ensure you get maximum value.

Hey 👋 I'm Hugh - the creator of this template.

I'm a Notion ambassador and obsessed with optimising Notion spaces!
You can check out my other templates here.
Want to get in touch? Shoot me a message on Twitter.

Happy to answer any questions you have!

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